Carla's Ode

Ode to Carla. Created by Vincent Louis Carrella. http://thelighthouse.photography/.

I’ve acted as a conscious living mentor for 25+ years leading spiritual travel journeys with Indigenous wisdom keepers who serve their communities. My work focuses on what truly matters in this often confusing world. It’s my privilege to assist people who are choosing to live through their spiritual values.  I made the leap from a corporate environment into an un-prescribed life in the early ’90s. It’s been like riding a high-speed train to a specific destination—an affirming prescription of my own making. Along the way, I learned, not only to trust in a dream, but how to ground it into everyday, fulfilling reality. I teach the strategies necessary and guide clients to do the same involving any or all of these areas:

  • Lifework that fully expresses talents;
  • Deep relationships and a supportive tribe;
  • Balance and commitment to self-care;
  • Robust mental, physical and spiritual health;
  • Decision-making strategies to stay on track;
  • A rich life thriving with purpose.

Kenosis was born in 1999 to serve human potential and guide the vision: “One tribe, one world.” In 2007 Kenosis Spirit Keepers was founded as the volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit extension, seeking to help preserve Indigenous traditions threatened with decimation.

Writings include books Portals to the Vision Serpent, Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home, plus numerous articles on spirituality, integrative health and advocacy of Native wisdom traditions. The Lifepath Dialogues is an invitation toward embodiment of all that is life-affirming and the deeper meaning of sustainability.

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We serve human potential and hold the vision:
“One tribe, one world.”

Kenosis Spirit Keepers logo

Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the 501(c)3 nonprofit extension of Kenosis, is a volunteer-run, grassroots organization working for preservation of Indigenous traditions in danger of decimation.



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