My intent is to engage the audience in their own potential and connection to the wider world. This focus has been my personal dedication for over thirty years. I guess you could say I’ve been down in the trenches. Using storytelling, real-life examples and even guided imagery I seek to nudge the audience to discover their inner wisdom. Traveling the globe and engaging with Indigenous leaders has provided me with spiritual grounding and understanding of what truly matters.  These influences guide my life and work with others: how to live through deeply held values and thrive.

Talks have been called “inspirational” but the most unusual feedback might be this: “…her presentation reminded me of a silk scarf…gently nestling…supporting…leading…to appreciation of their own individual talents and uniqueness…”

Areas of expertise include: spiritual journey, mind-body healing, advocacy for Native wisdom traditions, meditation, applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and conflict mediation. Subject matter tailored to the audience.

Sample Talks:

The Threshold. Listen to the 34-minute audio.

One World Wisdom. This talk was reformatted into a 26-minute video, which includes photo overlays and a short introduction. View on You Tube.

Speaking Engagement Highlights:

February 2014 – Stoking the Fire: NLP and Indigenous Wisdom. Women of Wisdom Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington.

November 2013 – Timeless Pathways for Today’s Spirit Keepers. The Red Shoes Personal and Spiritual Growth Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

August 2013 – The Threshold. Center for Spiritual Living, Prescott, Arizona.

September 2012 – The Fork in the Road. Institute of Noetic Sciences-Tucson, Tuscon, Arizona.

November 2010 – Inclusion and the Seed of Compassion. Co-sponsored by the Dayton International Peace Museum and the Dayton Mediation Center, Dayton, Ohio.

November 2010 – Inclusion: The Role of Ceremony and Compassion in Preserving Indigenous Wisdom Traditions. Common Bond Institute’s 5th Annual International Conference on “Engaging the Other,” San Francisco, California.

October 2010 – The Re-membering Process. Institute for Advanced Studies of Health Conference, San Francisco, California.

August 2008 – One World Wisdom. Center for Spiritual Living, Prescott, Arizona.

August 2007 – Ancient Pathways for Today’s Awakeners. Bali Institute for Global Renewal’s Awakening Global Action Conference, Ubud, Bali.

May 2005 – From Self to Other: Remembering the Pathway. Workshop and invited panel member. Common Bond and Harmony Institutes’ 13th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution, St. Petersburg, Russia.


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