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Review: “The Shaman’s Heart Program” and “Nada Terma”

In November 2008 Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig generously gave of their time and talents to perform to a very appreciative crowd at our annual Kenosis Spirit Keepers Benefit Concert. If you were there you’d need no introduction to their work that takes you into another realm entirely. I’d like to revisit the reviews I gave at that time so that new readers are also aware.

Nada Terma CD CoverNada Terma

Music by Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig and Steve Roach

Byron Metcalf is an international recording artist who happens to live in my area. I had the good fortune to sample Nada Terma in his studio with all its high-quality sound technology — and the effect was memorable. The music itself was mesmerizing. What was so surprising were the vibrations it produced in my body, and the field surrounding it—that took me even deeper into the experience. Something totally unexpected.

I confess that I have about a 30 year-old sound system and no headset. So I was skeptical that the music would produce anywhere near the same result in my own home, but I was wrong. It was close in comparison and different segments of the CD generated energy movement focused in separate energy centers in my body.

Nada Terma is an immersion in mysticism through sound and vibration. The merging of ambient music, Tibetan-like toning and bansuri flute has an undulating quality that delivers the listener to a threshold. So that, when the gentle drumming finally appears, it’s a vehicle that delivers you into a sacred inner landscape. And then its rising insistence keeps you there.

Just as a writer or artist must embody their subject in order to convey it masterfully, it’s evident that Metcalf, Seelig and Roach have experienced deep states of consciousness themselves. We are fortunate that, through their grasp of these inner realms and trance music, we can be guided to such a place ourselves.

Nada Terma is translated as: discovering spiritual treasures through the world of sound—and it is that.

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Last of the Spirit Keepers – and Gift Offering from Sacred Fire

Announcing Publication of My Article by Sacred Fire Magazine

and Gift Offering for You

For several years I have been sponsoring spiritual travel programs to Chiapas Mexico that include time in the rainforest village of Najá. I’ve been quite honored that Don Antonio Martinez, a Lacandón Maya elder, has been willing not only to meet with us, but to hold the balché ceremony while we’re there. Don Antonio is the last elder still practicing the sacred ways. When he passes it’s likely that these ancient traditions will be gone forever. Over these years I’ve watched the aggressive impact of evangelicals eating away at the Lacandón Maya culture and spiritual traditions, aside from influences from Western culture.

Don Antonio Martinez and Harold Joseph

Lacandón Maya elder Don Antonio Martinez
and Hopi elder Harold Joseph.
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning

Beginning 2009 through Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit extension of Kenosis, we’ve been sponsoring Hopi Wisdom Keepers from Shungopavi on these same programs. I’ve written an article highlighting this progressive story of connection between the Hopi and Lacandón Maya and what can happen when relations come together in a beautiful way.

Kenosis Spirit Keepers is a friend and affiliate of Sacred Fire Magazine, published by Sacred Fire Foundation.  Sacred Fire is the only magazine I know of that shares the stories of ceremony, healing and community that bring us all together so we can thrive in these changing times.

Sacred Fire Magazine Issue #16

Fittingly, the article I wrote…

Surrounded by the growing influence of
evangelicals, a Lacandón Maya
Elder tries to keep the godpots burning.

…will be featured in the next issue of Sacred Fire, due out  in early November.

The Magazine would like to gift my readers, colleagues and clients in the US a free copy as a way of introduction. If you would like to know more about Sacred Fire and receive the issue with my article click here.

To receive your gift copy—a $10 value—you can enter your shipping information with this link. Please note that you must submit your order by October 31 to receive your gift copy.

Sharon Brown, the publisher of Sacred Fire, has asked me to tell you that while the gift offer is for US folks at this time, they are working to make a similar offer to those of you outside the US with payment only for shipping. Stay tuned and I hope to make that announcement soon.

Until then…I hope you join me in thanking Sacred Fire for their generosity and important work in service of the planet and global community.

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The Lifepath Dialogues Gathering: The Edge of Limitation (Audio)

The Lifepath Dialogues Gathering is held on the fourth Wednesdays, 6:30-8 PM, at Creekside Center in Prescott, Arizona. The intent is to build like-hearted community and dialogue about what truly matters. I choose monthly topics from my blog and host the evening with special invited guest(s) whose philosophies and work are relevant to the topic. The format involves my presentation of material to create a framework and interview of the special guests. This portion is recorded to share with the world community—wherever you are. Then we turn off the recorder and turn to intimate sharing.

The September 26 Lifepath Dialogues Gathering:


My special guest for this month was Ross Dunbar, ND, MSOM, a Naturopathic physician and Chinese medicine practitioner who has practiced in Prescott, Arizona for the past 10 years. The complete unedited audio is about 40 minutes long. Click on the link below to listen. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to download! I hope you enjoy. This was an interesting subject that brought much food for thought. Many thanks to all the folks who showed up to participate. The Lifepath Dialogues community is definitely growing and engaged.

The Lifepath Dialogues Gathering: The Edge of Limitation (Audio)

Carla Woody and Dr. Ross Dunbar

Carla Woody and Dr. Ross Dunbar

You may contact Dr. Ross Dunbar at Prescott Naturopathic Medical Group, 810 W. Gurley St. Prescott, AZ 86305, (928) 445-1999. And I always love to hear from folks: phone (928)778-1058 and email

October’s Lifepath Dialogues Gathering:

Is Genetic Engineering Life-Affirming?

Based on the collaborative post: What Legacy GMOs?

Our next gathering will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 6:30-8 PM, at Creekside Center as usual. Special guest host will be Lesley McKeown, Vice Chair, and board member of GMO-Free Prescott, a nonprofit organization seeking to raise awareness of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and encourage nourishing food options. October is National Non GMO Month. Come learn about this topic so important to health and preservation of tradition.

To remain current on monthly topics subscribe to The Lifepath Dialogues blog or Kenosis Inspirations ezine.

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