The Way Before Me

In May and June 2015 I will be walking the Camino de Santiago. I’ve created a special blog just for this journey: The Essential Way – A Pilgrim’s Narration on the Camino de Santiago. It will be an accounting of that pilgrimage: before, during and after. I intend to record my reflections, trials, joys, practical aspects and interesting tidbits. I’ll mix in images I shoot and sketches for later artwork if the apps on my iPad turn out easy enough to use. I’m extending you an invitation to go to that blog page and subscribe if you’d like to keep up with me. I’ll be keeping it separate from The Lifepath Dialogues, which will be ongoing. Below is the first post for the Camino.

The Essential Way

The double entendre of this post title is intended. Standing in the shelter of a threshold I can look back to history as well as gaze forward into the unknown with expectancy. No longer hovering before the threshold, I took the step forward. I’m actively preparing. But the next big move is placing that first footfall on the dirt of the Camino Francés.

PilgrimScallopI can’t tell you exactly why I decided to walk the Camino de Santiago. When I think about it, I realize thoughts of the Camino had been hovering in the background for years—but without any aspirations or inspirations. I may have read about a book about it way back when. I do note that I used the term “pilgrim” as a thematic metaphor in my first book Calling Our Spirits Home. It’s not a word I could recall using before writing that book and haven’t…

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