The Wabi-Sabi Path

More will likely unfold from my Camino Francés pilgrimage for sure as the effect settles itself into my life. But I want to share these insights from The Essential Way, the special journal blog I kept, coming from my recent return home. I hope it gives you a sense toward the beauty of the journey and dimensions expressly woven together—but unintended by me—that made it what it was.

Traditional corn crib in Galicia area of Spain. ©2015 Carla Woody.

Traditional corn crib in Galicia area of Spain.
©2015 Carla Woody.

The Essential Way

At this writing I’ve been home from travels twelve days after leaving home nine weeks prior. My pilgrim certificate says I finished the Camino in Santiago de Compostela on June 14, my pre and post Camino not counted. Yet it all seems so very long ago. Perhaps it’s due to an enhanced “now-ness” I’m experiencing. The past having served its significance and the future unpredictable, not yet reality; the present doesn’t feel like limbo but something solid at every moment.

Somewhere along my Camino I realized there were two significant aspects in play. The first had to do with clearing mental, emotional, spiritual elements given perfect opportunity to arise through the physical challenges that came about. In an uncanny way, the walk had become my own personal healing timeline stretching way into the past. Thought forms would come to call uninvited. Some quite old to see if there was still…

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