Book Review: Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy:

Leaving this Life with Grace and Gratitude

by Kelsey Collins

I spend a lot of time in cultures where elders are valued, ancestors are alive, and death is celebrated as part of life. In my own culture, none of those things are true. Instead, they are aspects that we attempt to tuck away, out of sight. We turn away from being reminded that we, too, will one day face what we’ve been socialized to deny.

Kelsey Collins has written an important book for any of us. This book faces the areas I mention—head on. With humor and honesty, she documents the intimate journey she took with long-time friend Bee Landis. This is a celebration of zaniness in a human form called Bee, her spiritual clarity and real-ness as she makes sense of life while her own comes to a close—something we can all aspire to. What’s equally important is how Bee’s down-to-earth, blatantly frank wisdom leads the author to consider the very questions she counsels others to undertake. There’s a transparency here that’s refreshing. In an era when self-help mentors direct us to declare what we want, to dare to name it, there’s an area I’ve heard none address—until now.

How do you want to go? What’s your exit strategy?

 The book is available through Amazon. To learn more of Kelsey Collins’ work with elders and hospice go here.

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