How the Dreams of Chief Hawk Pope Came True

In the late 1980s after my return to Ohio, I took oil painting classes for a couple of years from Chief Hawk Pope of the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band. I valued his sheer presence and laser-like critiques. He was direct, something I appreciated. I was there to learn, not to have my ego soothed. When something worked, he pointed it out. When it didn’t, he showed how it didn’t and guided correction—explicitly.

I’ve learned that his methods are part of his personality, the make-up of a strong chief, not asking any more of his People than he demands of himself. But that understanding wasn’t even on my horizon when I knew him back then. My interest and passion for preservation of Native ways was yet bubbling beneath the surface, not to fully emerge until the mid-1990s. By that time we had fallen out of touch for some years.

But a strange thing happened.

In the first months of 2014, he began to cross my mind periodically. These occurrences were fleeting; I didn’t hang onto them or wonder why.

In early April I went to Ohio to visit my folks, still living near Dayton. As soon as I arrived I had an overwhelming compulsion to find Chief Hawk—if I could—and reconnect.

I googled his name and discovered his life had taken quite a turn in the 1990s and later. He’d provided vocals for one of the scenes in the movie Dances with Wolves and been extensively involved with the PBS documentary mini-series 500 Nations. In the book Imagining Native America in Music author Michael V Pisani wrote of the musical language he used in the documentary: …the singer Chief Hawk Pope relied on this melodic cadence to underscore moments of great sadness and tragedy such as the Trail of Tears sequence. I also noted he’d been on tour with Spirit the Seventh Fire, a multi-media production conceived by his friend Peter Buffet, with music written by them both. And the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band now had a home on original Shawnee land, previously lost as a result of genocide advocated through the Indian Removal Act, purchased back by the Tribe.

Shawnee SignI found contact information for the Tribe through their Facebook page and sent a private message explaining who I am and that I’d like to reconnect if Chief Hawk was interested. I got an immediate response from one of the Tribe asking me to come to the Zane Shawnee Caverns, on Shawnee land, a few days later for a meeting. Prior to the appointed day, my mom and I ventured out for a day of sightseeing and got hopelessly lost in an area of Ohio unfamiliar to us both. We ended up in the tiny town of Zanesfield looking for a museum we were told was at least 100 miles north. A few days later on the way to my meeting with Chief Hawk, I was astounded to end up in the very area my mom and I got lost, indeed going right through Zanesfield and drove just a few miles beyond!

I really had no idea why I received inner direction to initiate the request I did. I merely followed that strong, not-to-be-disregarded energy. When I walked into the Zane Shawnee gift shop for our reunion, it was evident that I was supposed to be there. The reconnection was powerful for us both. Beyond that day, I returned to spend another in deep conversation prior to my departure on other travels east. We agreed we’re going to work together—although neither of us know exactly what that means at this point.

Before I left I told Chief Hawk about my unprovoked thoughts of him coming to mind the months prior…then the inner urge to initiate a reunion…even getting lost in the countryside near Shawnee land…when I had no idea they were there.

He looked intently into my eyes and said, “Well, I’ve been throwing out a net these last months.”

I’m glad I paid attention and answered.

Below is an open article written in 1998 to his People in Tosãn Shawandasse, the official voice of the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band, beautifully illustrating elements of intent and belief.* What Chief Hawk doesn’t expressly share is the tremendous sacrifice he has borne through his 40+ years as chief since taking on this spiritual responsibility as a young man, given to him by his grandfather.

While directed to the Shawnee People, any of us can take heart and guidance here. His words are truth.


Some Dreams Do Come True

by Chief Hawk Pope


In order for a dream to come true, all it takes is the following:

– A real need.

– Believing you can meet that need even if that only seems to be a dream.

– The courage to go for it, knowing you could lose.

– Work as hard as it takes to make it happen.

– Get as many of the People as you can to make a team that can do the job.

– Do all you possibly can, knowing that if you truly do that, Creator will take up where your abilities leave off.

– Convey your hopes, dreams, and needs along with your love and respect to Creator and demonstrate that you are still His Children (The Shawnee). This you do in the way He left for us, the ceremonies.

– Rise above the criticisms and stumbling blocks thrown in your way by the petty, evil or just those much smaller than the dream. You can’t let their fear become yours, their criticism or lack of support shake your faith, or their jealousy pull you down.

– Stay the course, no matter what.

– Be grateful for each blessing, each dream come true, and never forget that your efforts were only half of what made it happen. Sometimes we come close to losing our way. Sometimes we allow ourselves or others to be part of a problem and not part of the solution. If this happens, we lose the blessing. We don’t meet the need. We give up the dream and we just plain lose. So far, by following this plan and philosophy, we have accomplished the following:

 — 1970: Reorganization of the people of the Remnant communities and reformation of the Shawnee Nation, United Remnant Band.

— 1974: Formed an interim core Council and moved back to Ohio homeland.

— 1980: Gained State recognition as the descendant Tribe of the historic Shawnee in Ohio.

— 1982: Brought back the ancient ceremonies after 30 years.

— 1985: Constructed our first Great House since historic Lower Shawnee Town on the Scioto.

— 1989: Purchased the first 31 acres of Ohio Shawnee Homeland-Shawandasse.

— 1992: Built the community center, road, electric and well on Shawandasse. The Great House was moved to Shawandasse and original dress brought back to ceremonies.

— 1995: Total of 228 acres in 3 Ohio counties.


You are invited by Chief Hawk Pope to visit Shawnee lands located at Zane Shawnee Caverns near Bellefontaine, Ohio. See their website for information on Pow Wows, camping, cave visits and other events and developments on Shawnee lands since 1995.


* Reprinting of this open article was used with full permission granted by Chief Hawk Pope.

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7 thoughts on “How the Dreams of Chief Hawk Pope Came True

  1. Jan Brendes

    Hi Carla 🙂

    I just wanted to stop in and thank you for sharing your story about Chief Hawk Pope… a journey fueled by intuition for sure.

    I’m sitting here looking at my DVD, ‘Spirit – The Seventh Fire’ and Chief Hawk Pope’s picture on the front. I was surprised I knew of someone you had been a student of decades ago-how likely is that? I nearly wore out this DVD long ago, and one reason was the singing of a man on it that was so familiar to me that I innately ‘knew it’. That voice was Chief Hawk Pope. I enjoyed this connection written on my heart, and then let it go…

    When I was outside spading dirt around young trees in our Gratitude Grove yesterday, thoughts of my new (old heirloom) seeds for this year started crossing my mind. I’m a grower for a seed bank. The last 2 years I’ve been growing/walking with heirloom Cherokee seed Spirits – amazing!! When I felt that connection/grow-out was complete I looked in my heirloom corn book by Dianna Henry (Snow Eagle Seeds Sing) for what corn wanted to come to this land next.

    I was drawn to two corns, one of which I was given to grow this season. I was told that this old corn seed had low germination – only 40%. The name of these seed Beings is Tecumseh’s Flint Corn. I am so deeply connected to their energy and pray they choose to come up here even at 40%.

    I continued to dig in the earth as thoughts about Tecumseh’s seed increased; then I felt a real urge to get out my corn book and reread the history. When I did, I was tickled to re-member s/he is Shawnee. When I think of Tecumseh, I think of peace. Even though I do not know him, when I think of Chief Hawk Pope, I think of peace.

    Below is part of a ‘Library Reading’, a response from the Spirit of the Tecumseh corn when Dianna asked if they had ancient wisdom to share:
    …”Seven colors-yellow, white, deep red, rose, blue, light blue, orange.
    My many colors are like the many tribes of Tecumseh, brought together, yet all people and all colors come from one source. I come to you at this time to help in the reunification of all Tribes, All People. Use me as example of all colors…
    One Cob-All People-All People-One Light”.
    (‘Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn’).

    This part (for me) made me think of the story threads of you and Chief Hawk Pope’s reconnection…?

    All this said, I support (confirm) your journey fueled by intuitive threads.

    May it be so.

    With love and joy,

    Also, sending many prayers for safety for all and AZ fires to be extinguished.

    • Jan, thanks so much for this note from one acting so much on intuition as you do. Perhaps another synchronicity: I know Dianna Henry, too. I interviewed her some time ago and then we (Kenosis Spirit Keepers) sponsored her to Phoenix as part of the Seed Wisdom event. Here’s the interview if you haven’t listened: And bless you for being part seed preservation! I know Chief Hawk will appreciate your comments. I’ll tell him the next time we talk. Sending a hug…

  2. Kevin Quinn

    I’m in need of direction, guidance or maybe just spiritual advice. I am 36 years old and when I was 9 my family and I moved to Ohio from New Jersey. I began to feel something profound, something that has been with me since and something I have difficulty fully explaining in words. It’s very much more a feeling, an intuition all of a very deep spiritual basis. I truly feel as if my soul began it’s earthly journey in the body of a Native American. As years have gone by, it has developed into a knowing that I was once a part of the Shawnee Tribe, sept unknown as of yet. I can see Kokumthena and Rounded Side and more in the moon… I would truly, sincerely and greatly like to visit and speak with someone regarding this. I have had deer approach me while in the woods and felt it to be another sign. In particular, would very much like to council with a member of the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band regarding this, not to waste another’s time, but because my life truly is on hold and is confusing everyday and I feel as if it may be a hurdle for the rest of this life. I realize no one can tell me anything for sure or point at me and say “yes, you are ” but if someone could know what has been happening throughout my life and the feelings I have had, maybe something positive could come of it. I realize every man is his own chief and can tell himself what to do and my inner chief told me I need to do this, which is why I am writing this. Thank you sincerely for listening.

    • Kevin, you could call Zane Shawnee Caverns outside Bellefontaine, OH and ask to speak to a senior member. You can find that information by doing a search on the internet. Since Chief Hawk Pope’s passing in 2015 I don’t know what on Shawnee land is open to the public or who is available for counsel. All best in your quest.

      • Kevin Quinn

        Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I will follow your suggestion and because you responded, will let you know the outcome. I left my heart on the ground upon hearing last year of the passing of Chief Tukemas.

  3. Dear Chief Pope, I am writing this small not to thank you for giving me the strength to continue with my dream of creating a sanctuary for wolves. I cofounded the Wolf with my then husband in 1995. I am joyful to tell you that the Sanctuary is still a viable place for abandoned abused wolves and wolf dogs.
    I have done what you said gathering others with
    the same dream to help build the sanctuary. I am honored to say that between the humans, and the Great Spirit, who helps us all, if we only ask, and listen when he answers.
    It has been 25 years since the beginning, and the wolves still come to us.

    • Dear Patricia,

      What a beautiful lifework you have, and so fortunate that you continued to hold your intent as it came to fruition. Chief Hawk inspired many people, including me. He knew how to hold what seemed like an impossible dream. It breaks my heart to tell you he passed in May 2015 and is buried on Shawnee land in Ohio. In such gratitude like yours, there’s nothing dividing us. I’m quite sure he’s received your thanks. Sending you all blessings.

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