An Offering: Free Books and Program

First, let me say this isn’t goodbye. I’d mentioned in a post back in May that I’d been going through a process—perhaps you have as well—made convenient by the pandemic. In a certain way, with all pretty much coming to a standstill, the space and time demanded it. The call for sorting was strong: the recapitulation of a life, what really matters, and the future laid open to be taken up in an even deeper way. I can’t say this track is complete. Messages still come winging in as I’m easing back into the loosening future that is now.

…I fully recognize what’s ahead to be a different personal landscape than the one I’d been traveling—and have come to realize I don’t regret it. In fact, I welcome it. There’s a point when what was once off the beaten path becomes a well-traveled road.

…I’m not ready to slip my physical body as yet. But who knows what the future holds? However, I have a body of work that spans about 30 years, and experiences older than that. A lot of it has been documented through books, essays, a mentoring program and audio teachings. Some have yet to be written down. I’ve been fortunate to have engaged with a good number of people who let me know they’ve benefitted through the programs I’ve sponsored, private work and writings.

Alto Madre de Dios – A River of Life. Manu, Peru.

To fully review how guidance presented itself, read From the Archives: A Life Experienced. For me, these promptings are rarely linear but alert me to certain cues that string together decisions.

That said, I’ve archived two of my three books and my mentoring program so that they’re available for free on Medium in serial chapter format. Soon I’ll upload my third book as well. All are about conscious living and the spiritual journey. I hope you find them of benefit.

Link through the writing platform Medium. For each book or program chapter, scroll to the bottom for the table of contents with links to continue.


Calling Our Spirits Home: Gateways to Full Consciousness

Standing Stark: The Willingness to Engage

A Program to Revolutionize Your Life:

Navigating Your Lifepath: Reclaiming Your Self, Recapturing Your Vision

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2 thoughts on “An Offering: Free Books and Program

  1. Pamela Trachta

    I hear you, Carla. The pandemic (along with other life changing events in my life) has thrown me into a new place where on one hand, I know less than ever before. And sometimes that means I’m full of grief (for my old illusions?) and confused and kind of lost. And yet behind all this is a new faith, a new calm that comes more and more often. I almost named the new book I’m writing “Just in Time,” since at 78, it feels that way. But instead it will be “The Wild River of Life: Stories to Engage Your Inner Wisdom.” My own re-capitulation method, shared.

    So, this is a way of saying I honor your process!

    Sending big love your way,


  2. Pam, thank you for your thoughtful words here and always your depth of feeling. This has truly been a time of introspection and riding the waves of…who knows what? For me, stepping out of some containers where I’d put myself – without really knowing – generating relief. But also so much added peace in the ‘Not Knowing.’ I’m so looking forward to reading your new book, and what an important to time to bring it into the world.

    Full circle…sending love to you, too.


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