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A Tribute to Ted Andrews

Lakota and Ted  photo

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Probably all of us can point to some people who have passed through our lives and made a difference somehow, even if they themselves never knew it. A stray word may have been said. A direction offered. And through that interaction, we took a step; or were alerted to something otherwise unknown.

Ted Andrews served as one of those people for me. It was 1987 and I had just returned to Dayton, Ohio after living in Germany for several years. While there I had been introduced to metaphysics, my appetite whetted. But the opportunities to learn more, to participate in some circle in Dayton, were almost non-existent, or at least quite hidden. Through some diligence I found the Mountaintop Bookstore, a small enclave not too far from my home. And there I stumbled upon Ted Andrews, spiritual teacher, metaphysical author and kindly, gentle man. Back then, he offered classes in a small room of the bookstore. I took all of them and experienced something awakening beyond mere intellectual curiosity.

And I discovered that he still gave readings. When I went to his modest home it turned out that he lived only a few blocks away from me. He brought me into the front room and we sat across a small table from each other.

Intuitives often use accoutrements such as Tarot or other types of cards, palm reading, any number of things depending on culture. But for true intuitives these things are really extraneous because they themselves are the channel. Ted Andrews was one of the true ones. That day he did use an intermediary—the Tarot. But finally he looked earnestly into my eyes and took my hands into his.

“Are you a healer?” he said.

“No!” I was bewildered by the question and wasn’t even sure what he meant. With what little I did understand about that realm at the time, even the idea of his inquiry seemed preposterous—and downright scary. After all, the flavor of my life back then far from supported such an activity.

“Well, you have fire around your hands.”

“Oh, okay. I understand that. I’m an artist and I work with my hands. I paint.” I was relieved.

“No, this is something else. You also have fire energy very much attempting to enter your crown chakra. Allow it.” He said gently and then nothing more, knowing that any more at that time would have been too much.

Through 1988, a short year, long before I met Don Américo Yábar in 1994, Ted Andrew was my first spiritual teacher, someone who opened a doorway. Recently I was telling a friend the story I have recounted here and we became curious about what he is doing now. Doing a search brought me the very sad news that he passed in October 2009, still a young man.

Ted gave much to the world as a teacher, animal advocate, writer, a compassionate soul and clairvoyant. A great intellect who was able to translate complex metaphysical philosophies into everyday language. Many of you probably know his books, especially Animal Speak and Simplified Qabala Magic.

For me, he pointed the way, to something inherent but unacknowledged, a choice point awaiting. I vividly remember the moment he did it that day in his small front room. I have been able to draw on his soft encouragement over the years—and it’s given me courage. I only regret that I didn’t return soon enough to tell him so.

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