The Tasking

Excerpt from Standing Stark.

Rio Paucartambo
Salk’awasi, Mollamarka, Peru
Photo: Carla Woody, 2004

Set your intent and let it go. Your intent is your beginning. Worrying about the details detracts from the intent. In your strong intent, the attraction will take care of the details.

The first aspect of beginning is assessing yourself and taking responsibility for your own course, where it has taken you and where you are now. That responsibility will determine your future—the one that exists through the vibration you now exude.

This is the Separation and then the Search. It isn’t really a search as much as it is a surrendering to intent. The giving over is to intent. Then intent takes the lead and brings you what will take you further. It will take you further to recognize your Core Self, the Self that had been hidden from you previously, but the one that had been there all along.

Sometimes the realization comes through sitting still—through patience and listening. It’s not listening to what has been habit, but listening to the quieter place and the guidance there.

Sometimes the realization comes through an action, but only an action made from clarity, from impeccability. Otherwise, it’s an action taken from habit. Then the action will merely tell you something about your habit.

An action arising from the deeper place will have a solid knowing and urging about it. It’s a bodily felt energy that envelops you in knowing. It’s not a feeling of desperation accompanied by inappropriate or castigating internal voices. That’s the dialogue through which the actions of habit are fulfilled.

Actions of impeccability move you along the warrior’s path of utter surrender to the destiny of Knowing and Not Knowing. It is the knowing of the Core Self in all aspects, in all human tendencies, in all that is resident of Source. It is the not knowing of the profound comfort of the Infinite.

It is the mind overtaken by Spirit.

It is the mind having willingly succumbed to the wider wisdom dwelling within and without.

And you have to leave the place of previous comfort and familiarity in order to uncover it.

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