Author at Hayu Marca

The author at Hayu Marca, Puno Region, Peru.
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning

Excerpted from Navigating Your Lifepath.

Preparing for the Journey

The point of readiness is exactly that.  It’s a pinpoint in time, a moment of decision when we are poised at the threshold contemplating intent’s power to move us to a farther path from where we’ve been.

Hopefully, readiness endures. Some people dance back and forth or even all around it. Others try to ignore it. But it’s hard not to notice a strong wind at your back urging you to go somewhere, to fly over the landscape.

Still others go willingly, pausing for a moment and then stepping deftly through the doorway. But they, too, had to come to that marker called readiness—even if more subtly—the love of adventure already built into their personality.

This is the path called evolution. We’re all on it. Some of us rest on the plateau longer than others. Most of us take a series of leaps in our lifetime. The question here is to consider: How do we know when it’s time to go? To jump? To move through? To evolve?

The movement we entertain or undertake may not even be visible to those around us. Yet there is a part of us that is restless, that’s weary of standing still—or worse, running in place. It’s this part that asks: What needs to be in place in order to come to readiness? Is there something to settle? Or maybe a little used quality to call into service? Perhaps it’s the courage to open to something new instead of settling for what has been.

I invite you to reflect on your own readiness and the questions here. Add more of your own. Then allow your expression to emerge.

Announce yourself.

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